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 Post subject: School's Out
PostPosted: Wed Dec 03, 2008 2:37 pm 
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I've never quite *got* the schoolgirl thing. I mean, I understand why men (and, although more rarely, women) can be drawn to the school uniform fetish. Like most clothing-based fantasies, it's drenched in symbolism. It could be the idea of inexperience, purity and submission. It echoes a bygone age of corporal punishment. It could even hark back to the fetishist's own adolescent desires. Yet it's something that just doesn't do it for me.

I initially assumed that my own aversion was to the age-play aspect. Whether real or pretend, youth just doesn't do it for me. I didn't fancy fellow teenagers when I was one myself, and I still don't. I remember all too clearly what it was like to be young. As a sprouting mess of hormones, neuroses and clumsy, uncomfortable sexual experimentation, I can't see how I could have been attractive to anyone when I was at school. Whereas the fantasy is of a blank canvas of unsullied flesh and budding, pubescent awakenings, the reality for the majority of girls is about as far from sexy as it's possible to get.

Of course, performers in any legitimate, ethical porn film are over the age of eighteen, yet putting them in school uniforms just strips away any eroticism for me. Take an attractive woman in her thirties, and I'm interested. Dress her as a schoolgirl, and I feign a headache and go home. How could an outfit have such a profound effect on my sex drive? Am I that shallow? I realised that there must be more to this than just age-play squeamishness.

During a stint selling porn movies for a particularly vile company several years ago, I noticed something that every school-based scene had in common: The girls never had power. Their primary function was to be spanked, deflowered, and fucked ragged. The characters each actress played were always so submissive that they became insipid, mindless, wank-receptacles, lined up on every front cover like gaping pig-heads in a butcher's window. And this, my friends, is the fantasy schoolgirl.

I tried to subvert this in a video I made last year but haven't yet got round to uploading. Dressed in a slightly punky Minnie-The-Minx version of a school uniform, I stepped forward and made a little ad-lib speech about powerless schoolgirls in porn, before picking up a riding crop and smacking a few glorious screams out of a chap who was posing as "Sir" for the day. It was cathartic.

The closest I could find to a schoolgirl with power in my weekly internet smut-trawl was at Chanta's Bitches where one actress is playing school bully to another. Well, we can't have everything. Bullying, like rape, is one of those fantasies that inhabits an entirely different universe to its horrific reality. I'd much rather see her give a male teacher a good pounding, rather than the timeworn porn staple of punished schoolgirl. Even so, if you can put all of the above out of your mind, here are Lexi Belle and Amber Rayne dressed up, playing out a bullying fantasy, and - ultimately - having hot, bondage-based sex. Click here.


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